A while back a dear friend of mine suggested that I may benefit from keeping a blog. With no specific topic in mind, I think she simply wanted me to put pen to paper again, even if it is in an electronic form. Even without having read a word of mine, she knew just how supportive the power of language is to me. How much I have always dreamed of being able to move or inspire others somehow.

Thank you my dear! I will always be grateful for your friendship and support.

I have been very lucky when it comes to friends. Some I truly cannot see my life without. They have brought me so much joy and I cannot imagine what my life would have been like had I never met them. However, with family I have been less fortunate. Do not get me wrong, I love every single individual in the dysfunctional group from which I originate but to call us a family is to hold us in far too high regards. Growing up was chaotic for all of us and, personally, I still have not been able to find my way to freedom.  I am still not sure of who I am or where my true worth lies.

This will be the premise of my blog. Hopefully, by documenting and sharing my account with you I will slowly be able to find out who I truly am and what I am meant to do with this life I have been given. Although, consider yourselves pre-warned, since English is not my native language I am sure grammatical errors and confusing ramblings will pop up in my posts from time to time. However, if through this process I am able to repay your kindness with inspiration or thoughtful topics I could not ask for more. It is all I could ever wish to give you.